I might need a hand :s

Early in 2012, we had actively started trying to no avail. I wasn’t necessarily expecting things to happen immediately, but I was hopeful it would happen within 6 months. I didn’t.

So off to the doctor I went to see if I could get a bit of a helping hand. I was referred to a specialist Obstetrician and looked forward to the appointment. Well, mostly. I was dreading the ‘fat’ talk as I was carrying about 15kg more than is ideal for pregnancy. But I prepared myself for it, knowing I needed to shift these troublesome extra kilos anyway, and off I went.

I warmed to the Obstetrician quickly, his awkward bedside manner strangely made me feel more at ease. After a rough medical history and some ultrasounds, he diagnosed me with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). This explained a lot about the irregular and painful cycles I had been having ever since coming off the pill. I was more relieved than anything else, as this was an explanation and a diagnosis that should be relatively easily overcome. I was prescribe Clomid for three months (drug to stimulate ovulation) and sent on my merry way. I had two friends who had fallen pregnant within their first couple of months of taking Clomid, so I felt happy and confident. And I didn’t even get the ‘fat’ talk!

Oh how naive I was!



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