If at first you don’t succeed…

try, try again.
Well that was pretty much the message at my next specialist appointment after the first three months of Clomid failed to produce the desired result.

The doctor upped the dose and sent me away for another 3 month adventure. And when I say adventure I actually mean train wreck.

At this point I have to acknowledge some of the blessings in my life – my very patient and understanding husband and friends. To say I was difficult during this time could not be more of an understatement. I was angry, emotional, highly sarcastic and easily irritated – just to name a few. Not a great combination when your job is teaching 13-16 year old kids. Wow – those poor kids.

My husband dealt with this in his way – being completely rational and logical. And although this drove me even more nuts sometimes, usually he was able to calm me down.

My friends dealt with it their way – by using humour. They pretty much made fun of me every time I lost it. Which again, was an effective way of getting me to calm down and see how unreasonable I was being.

The moral of the story – the time I spent on Clomid was awful. Not just because I didn’t get pregnant, but the side effects were a part of the process I’d much rather forget.

And lastly – sorry to all who put up with me in this time. I would not have said it at the time, but your patience and understanding was and is truly appreciated.



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