Under the knife

Back to the doctor I went in March, ready for the next step and confident this would yield results.

I was booked in for surgery and actually found myself looking forward to it. The doctor said with many women, they found that they fell preganant within a couple of months after having the laproscopy. The ‘clean out’ apparently made it easier to get pregnant and I was convinced this is what would happen for me.

The surgery itself went smoothly. I had pain for a few days but it didn’t bother me as I had things to look forward to!
In my follow up appointment, the doctor confirmed the PCOS diagnosis after the surgery, but was happy to report there was no sign of endometriosis. He sent me off for three months of trying on our own. I left feeling happy and hopeful.

After three months passed, though, happy and hopeful had turned into worried and woeful.



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