IVF – round 1

When it was time for the first round of IVF, I was excited. I thought that this would be it and things would finally start to happen.

I began injections and surprised myself by doing them easily (despite the bruising on my stomach making me look like I’d been sunbaking in a hail storm). Things moved slowly as my doctor had started me on low doses of the drugs due to my PCOS.

Then halfway through the cycle we hit a bit of a hurdle. Blood tests were not showing normal levels of estrogen and the doctor suggested that we might need to cancel the cycle. The thought of this was devastating. I was so sure this cycle would work and I would be pregnant. The doctor took one look at my tears and suggested we keep going for a couple more days to see if things changed.

So I fronted up to the next appointment with Marty in tow, bracing myself for the worst, but got some perplexing news instead. Apparently after two more days of injections, my estrogen levels were through the roof. The doctor had the lab re-run my previous results and it turns out they had initially got them wrong! Just ‘one of those things’ apparently. But for me it meant ovaries the size of watermelons and a strong chance of OHSS (ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome). It also meant they couldn’t do a ‘fresh’ transfer on this cycle and that we would need to wait to the following month to do an FET (frozen embryo transfer). I was miffed but glad at least that the cycle hadn’t been completely abandoned due to the pathology lab’s cock up.

The egg pick procedure was booked and we ended up with 12 eggs, 9 of which fertilized. These were really pleasing results and we looked forward to having plently of day 5 embryos frozen for future transfers.



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