The big freeze out

2 – the number of embryos that made it to ‘blastocyst’ stage and were able to be frozen.

Ouch. Out of 9 – really? I had been prepared to lose up to 50% but to lose 7 totally sucked (man I’m eloquent)
I had already worked out in my head how I would get pregnant from the first transfer and have lots of ‘frozen babies’ ready to go for my subsequent pregnancies. So slight reality check.

Nevermind – I stil had the frozen transfer to look forward to and it was going to work of course – why wouldn’t it?

And that’s the question I’m still asking. 2 months, 2 transfers, 0 pregnancies. During the second transfer cycle we started asking some questions. Was there an issue with the quality of the blastocysts? Could the loss of embryos from fertilization to freezing suggest bigger problems? Could the stuff up by the lab during the IVF cycle have affected the outcome? Yes, yes and yes were the answers.

We had a different specialist do our second transfer as our regular doctor was unavailable. It was he who answered the questions – honestly, directly and rather brutally. Things weren’t ideal, and they certainly weren’t normal. We were shaken by the news given by this doctor but we both liked him. We felt like he wasn’t sugar coating anything and that we were better off getting the brutal and honest truth than being kept in a state of pleasant ignorance.

While waiting for our next ‘game plan’ appointment with our regular doctor, we wondered about how difficult it would be to request a transfer to this doctor. Would this be best? Would it be possible? In the end it was easier to stay with what we knew. And of course it would be better this time. The first cycle was not ideal, and it was unfortunate that we would have to go through it again, but this time we would get it right and we would get pregnant. Wouldn’t we?



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