Tell it to me straight doc

My husband and I talked about the phonecall and the ‘over the phone’ diagnosis. Or, rather, I stressed, fretted and pre-empted and he calmed, reasoned and rationalised.

The next day we fronted up for the appointment hoping for the best but expecting the worst. I was fully expecting for the doctor to cancel the IVF cyle that I had already started and then… well I didn’t want to think too much about the ‘and then’. He did say that we would need to see a specialist or ‘genetic counsellor’ to talk about the specifics of my particular translocation.

He began by talking through the Balanced Translocation diagnosis and what it meant. I had pretty much read the information x 1000 the night before but I listened intently.

Next, he talked about our options. The were as follows:
1. Abandon the cycle and see the genetic counsellor before deciding on further treatment
2. Continue with the current cycle, use any blastocyst we ended up with and risk the 70% miscarriage rate
3. Continue with the current cycle, freeze all blastocysts and store them – then have them tested for genetic abnormalities using a process called PGD testing.

To my great relief, in his opinion he thought we should go with option 3. I had prepared myself for the cycle to be abandoned so I felt, at least, that this cycle would not go to waste. With PGD testing, we may have to go through several IVF cycles to get enough Blastocysts to test, but I would have a 30% chance of finding a healthy embryo that could lead to my long awaited pregnancy.

I felt like we still had a chance for success with IVF, though the process would be longer, more complicated, and much more expensive.

I was OK with the longer and more complicated, however the increase in $$$ was beginning to pose a bit of a problem. We had already burned through quite a large chunk of our savings, and it was beginning to look like finances would play a part in the treatment choices we could make in the future.

But overall, I walked away with some hope, and at least I felt like I had an answer to the question of why we hadn’t been able to get pregnant. And this was a problem that could be overcome, I just had to be patient.



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