Genetic Counselling

Just a quick update on our gentic counselling appointment today. We had to go to Brisbane to meet with a specialised genetic counsellor before continuing with the IVF process. I wasn’t really expecting to learn anything I didn’t already know, as I’ve had a month to research my condition.

I was right about this, the doctor just went over the information relating to my balanced translocation and pretty quickly realised that she wasn’t telling us anything we didn’t know. She basically went through exactly what was on the website link I posted earlier on the blog, but in less detail.

Nevertheless, it was another box we have ticked off in the process. And another opportunity to hand over the credit card. I have stopped adding up how much each of these appointments has cost us on top of the IVF costs.

We are supposed to go back to see our doctor next week but I just realised I have double booked the appointment with parent/teacher interviews. Dammit! When we go, hopefully we can formulate some sort of a plan for what we do from here.


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