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Ignorance is bliss – a time before infertility

The thing I found most tricky with this blog, was where to start. What is the ‘begninning’ of all this I wondered. So I guess I thought I’d add in a BI post (before infertility).

In April 2011, Marty and I got married. This was the time that I came off the pill. In the beginning, we weren’t ‘trying’ but we weren’t preventing either.

At this time, I was still unsure whether or not I was ready to be pregnant. Having kids was always something I knew I wanted, but I still kept finding reasons why I’d like to wait ‘just a little longer’. Reasons included, holidays, parties, festive seasons and other general occasions where I thought I’d like to partake in a little more partying and frivolity before I wasn’t able to any longer.

But on and off this year, we were trying, and it never amounted to anything. This didn’t really concern me at this stage. I was content with life. I was newly married, I enjoyed my job and was having a great time with many of my friends who were still childless.

Life was good and ignorance was most certainly, bliss.