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Damn you Dr Google!

I’m back to the doctor on Wednesday, not about IVF, but now to deal with the diagnosis of adenomyosis.  My doctor said it seems to be quite an advanced case, and that we need to deal with it before beginning the donor egg process.

So, of course, I have been madly googling the condition, wondering what to expect.  At first I was relieved to have a reason for all of the pain, irregular and long cycles I have had over the last few years.  Now, as I research the condition, I realise that this may further impact my chances of having a healthy pregnancy.  I thought that the donor egg process would be the answer for me.  The reality is it will still be difficult to get pregnant, and miscarraige chances are vastly increased.

Also, time is not on my side.  This is a condition that keeps getting worse over time.  I need to hurry up and get pregnant or it won’t happen.  I really think I should just stop googling this stuff and wait for my next appointment.  Thanks, Dr Google, for making it worse!

P.S. This website scared the crap out of me!


Third time’s the charm….?

So I had my long awaited follow up with my doctor yesterday. The ‘game plan’ appointment. We had to decide whether or not to try another IVF cycle despite our complete flop of a last cycle.

He couldn’t really give us any explanation for why things had gone so terribly last time, only that the chromosonal problem is likely a major factor and the rest of it is really chance.

So we are going to give it one last go with my eggs. I’m very hopeful that third time’s a charm. This will remain to be seen. I am doing accupuncture this cycle, and also really trying to watch what I eat. The cycle will start in about a week from now.

If we don’t get embryos from this cycle, the doctor agreed with us that there’s no point continuing. We can’t afford to keep throwing money at seemingly hopeless cycles, and I can’t continue to deal with the utter disappointment and heartache each time it fails.

So this is our last roll of the dice with this process. If things don’t turn out, then we will have a significant break, before looking further into the donor egg process.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.


Ignorance is bliss – a time before infertility

The thing I found most tricky with this blog, was where to start. What is the ‘begninning’ of all this I wondered. So I guess I thought I’d add in a BI post (before infertility).

In April 2011, Marty and I got married. This was the time that I came off the pill. In the beginning, we weren’t ‘trying’ but we weren’t preventing either.

At this time, I was still unsure whether or not I was ready to be pregnant. Having kids was always something I knew I wanted, but I still kept finding reasons why I’d like to wait ‘just a little longer’. Reasons included, holidays, parties, festive seasons and other general occasions where I thought I’d like to partake in a little more partying and frivolity before I wasn’t able to any longer.

But on and off this year, we were trying, and it never amounted to anything. This didn’t really concern me at this stage. I was content with life. I was newly married, I enjoyed my job and was having a great time with many of my friends who were still childless.

Life was good and ignorance was most certainly, bliss.